Gift Ideas

Need Help?

Here is a quick guide to help you when deciding what to purchase:

For a general gift for your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, special friend or very close relative, you can purchase small items such as watches and other jewelry. You can up the price tag and purchase items such as perfumes or beauty sets. You can even pair these items with a card. Use a gift box according to the shape of the item or a gift bag. You can also add tissue paper and/or a bow for extra jazz! Or you can send them cake or some balloons. Remember, since this person is someone close to you, you are the one to ultimately know what should make the perfect gift. You can pool items together and make your own unique gift. For example, a make up enthusiast will love a collection of beauty items, brushes, makeup, makeup bags, etc, all pooled together in a basket or bag. Wrapped or unwrapped with a bow! Wala!

For co-workers and other acquaintances, you can purchase items such as household items: clocks, decorative pillows, mugs, mirrors among other items such as key chains, health and wellness items: massage kits, lotion sets, etc. You can purchase a gift without breaking your pocket. Add a gift bag or box and/or a card. You can also add balloons!!!

For very special occasions, pull out those chocolates, sparkling drinks, fine jewelry, scented candles and the like. Heart decorated tissue paper, bags and/or boxes will add that extra touch.

For children: clothing sets are so cute! Little items that babies require such as booties, diaper bags, bath supplies etc can be pooled together to make a basket. Older children prefer toys. There are various toy options today; educational toys, technological toys and toys requiring physical activity for example. A book is also a great gift, particularly for teens. Bet you that those kids will prefer cake though! Just decorate it according to what they love.

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